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Open-forum discussions on diversity, reinforced by subject matter experts and local business partners that bring to life each event's theme of unity.



For Ad 2 Tampa Bay, a not-for-profit advertising organization, we envisioned a professional series that enabled us to discuss topics of diversity and unity. We broke through the status quo of panel speakers and chose to curate each event with a moderator that opened the forum for everyone to have a voice in the room.

Each chapter was prompted by a specific topic such as Women or America. All promotions, influencers, subject matter experts and local business partners were then chosen to bring to life that unique theme. Consistently, we were able to produce well-attended, engaging and empowering spaces for unalike people to come together and connect.


1. UNDIVIDED ╱ Women

Atmosphere: Bandit Coffee Co.

Food: Craft Kafe

Drinks: Green Bench Brewing

Décor: ARTpool Gallery

Design: drift.

Moderator: Bridge + Bloom

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 43 attendees

"It was a great topic, and the male support and insight was very welcome. The open forum was encouraging because of shared experience." 

— Survey Response

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2. UNDIVIDED ╱ Proud

Atmosphere: Station House

Food: Punky's Bar & Grill

Agency Partner & Signature Drink: BrainChild Branding, "The Stonewall"

Design: Leny Santana

Moderator: Marti Martin

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 37 attendees

"Overall, I loved it and thought it was an awesome chapter in the UNDIVIDED series. Can't wait for the next."

— Survey Response

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3. UNDIVIDED ╱ America

Brunch & Atmosphere: Iberian Rooster

Agency Partner: Pinstripe Marketing

Content: Mouzel Manugas

Photography: José Lopez

Size: 22 attendees

Results: 100% of respondents said they would recommend UNDIVIDED to a friend or colleague.

UNDIVIDED America People