Co. Storch
Creative Consultant
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An industry discussion on virtual reality (VR) and the future of immersive advertising, featuring Gabriel Valdivia, an interactive designer from Silicon Valley.


Back from the Future

Ad 2 Tampa Bay is a trade organization that hosts “AdTalks” on thought-provoking industry topics. I had the privilege of directing Ad 2 Tampa Bay's end-of-year AdTalk on virtual reality (VR) and the future of interactive advertising. We chose a Sunday afternoon to test attendance and comfort, making it a much more cozier and casual gathering over a hectic after-work event.

Our featured speaker, Gabriel Valdivia, is a designer from Silicon Valley (aka from the future) who returned to Tampa Bay with industry insights to share. By partnering with local businesses, our venue and special touches were all customized to the futuristic theme for our 25 immersed attendees.

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"Thanks again for having me over yesterday, it was super fun talking to the Ad 2 crew." 

— Gabriel Valdivia, VR Designer | Facebook